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Sous Vide Popularity Increasing

In a recent study that was published by the New York Times, it is been found that sous vide has been becoming very popular throughout Eastern Europe.

The primary points of adaptation have been in central Europe. Poland, Denmark, Germany, and more such states have all become to adapt the wonderful cooking of sous vide.

Sociologist are particularly sure why the adaptation is suddenly taken place, but it seems that is increase the variety of food that they are starting to cook in those countries.

One common theory is that people from France, who invented sous vide, have been migrating more to living in central Europe. With them, they feel that they took the sous vide cooking technique and brought it with them there.

Luckily for them, there is an abundance of goat in Poland and Denmark. As you guys know, cooking goat since vide is one of the more popular ways of cooking it. It’s actually pretty much the best way to cook goat.

Another popular trend that starting to pop up as the advent of cooking schools that are offering sous vide classes. This is an just located in central Europe, but also throughout the whole region of Europe. Chefs are starting to realize that their students want to become very diverse in several different varieties of cooking. They do not want to be left behind the times like their parents were.

As a result, popular techniques such as sous vide is starting be taught in the regular curriculum. Cooking since vide is an art. This is despite what many people believe. It does take a lot to properly prepare your meals and then decide on the correct temperature to cook them on.

I’m very optimistic that the popular trend of sous vide will only continue to spread much further than through central Europe. It would be amazing ensues vide started to appear over in Russia. While I’m pretty pessimistic that it will actually ever appear there, one can dream.

I implore you to tell all of your foreign friends about the wonderful cooking technique known as sous vide. It really can enrich the lives of many people.

Sous Vide Bananas?

There’s been recent discussion on message boards of late on whether or not you can safely cook a banana via sous vide.

While there may not be any present danger to eating a raw banana (heck, everyone does it every day), there could be a danger if it’s been improperly heated up.

What happens to the banana when it’s heated is that the molecules and nutrients break down in it. If it’s being cooked in a non-clean plastic bag, then the bacteria in the bag can go and bond to the molecules that are now loose.

This will make the banana appear as if it was cooked perfectly sous vide, when in reality it actually poses a great health risk.

On the flip side of this argument is the statement that you can just make sure you sterilize the plastic bag before you put the banana in it. While yes, you can do that, you’re not going to be 100% effective in sterilizing the bag, no matter how hard you try.

Now with all that said, the chance of you actually getting sick from cooking a banana sous vide is slim to none. Heck, I myself love to cook up some chocolate banana pancakes in my sous vide machine. It’s one of my favorite meals.

However, I do make sure that I thoroughly clean the bag before hand to reduce any chance that my banana will be ruined sous vide.

I also make sure that I use my immersion circulator rather than my sous vide machine. I feel that the immersion circulator does a better job of regulating temperature and water flow when cooking the banana. I don’t have any hard science behind this; it’s more of a gut feeling.

In any event, if you’re going to be cooking any food sous vide, it’s important that you take the proper precautions.

Make sure that your sous vide machine and accessories are clean and sterilized.