New Sous Vide Machine Hitting The Market?

We have heard a lot of rumblings lately that one of the premier makers of sous vide machines, sous vide supreme, is going to be launching a newer version of their sous vide supreme water oven. As many of you are well aware, the sous vide supreme water oven is one of the best sous vide machines ever been invented. It remains on top of Amazon is one of the best-selling sous vide machines of all time. It also remains very high on every sous vide machine review list.

Some things that we’ve heard about the mysterious new machine, is that it may only take about five minutes to fully heat up to the desired temperature. This is going to be such an improvement over every other sous vide machine and immersion circulator on the market. As you guys know, it generally takes around 15 to 20 minutes for your sous very machine or your immersion circulator to fully heat up. If we are able to cut that time down to only five minutes, that’ll be considered revolutionary.

We spoke about how it’s more and more harder for companies to continue to revolutionize the sous vide machine industry. I feel that if they were to reduce the amount of time that it takes to heat up the water than this would be actually considered a revolutionary step forward.

I’m curious as to what the price point will be on this new sous vide machine. Sous vide supreme is generally price their products in the mid range, around $400. Not sure how well this would do in today’s marketplace, given how saturated the market is. This is especially true since newer machines are coming in at $200 or less.

However, there is always a price and a place for a premium product. Just look at Apple and their iPhone.

One thing that I really hope is that the sous vide machine is incredibly easy to use. It’s always so hard to get people to adapt to revolutionary new things when they are much harder to use. However, I don’t see this new sous vide machine being very hard to use.

It would also be nice if the sous vide machine had a built-in vacuum sealer. I feel that the market is ready for an all-in-one unit.

Of course this is just a high-level view over something that may or may not happen. If you really want to stay up on the latest technological advances of sous vide machines, I suggest you really cool sous vide water oven gear 2017. They generally have immediate reviews of the best sous vide machines when they come out.