Sous Vide Prices Continue To Fall

With so many more sous vide machines hitting the market, price competition has continued to become an increasing problem for manufacturers.

Naturally, when more competition enters the marketplace, prices will go down as a result. Businesses will start undercutting each other by a few dollars here and a few dollars there. Products go from having 60% margins to only having 20%.

Generally this cycle plays out after about 5 generations since the original product was released.

Sous vide is beginning to become effected by this cycle.

Since the first sous vide machine came out back in 2010, there have been around 28 manufacturers enter the marketplace. The most popular, Anova and Sansaire, have produced several generations of their more popular machines.

For the first few generations, the prices on the machines stayed around the same price. The prior generation would drop about 25% in price. Both manufacturers were happy.

As other manufacturers such as Sous Vide Supreme entered the marketplace, prices began to fall. Cost-cutting measures began to be implemented by the manufacturers.

The manufacturers had found out that people will tend to keep their sous vide machine for many years, despite newer generations coming out. The reasoning for this is that the baseline technology can only become improved upon so much.

Newer models offer convenient features such as WiFi and Bluetooth, which are nice, but does the consumer really need them? Probably not.

Most people haveĀ  a timer that they set when they place their food in the sous vide machine. The need to monitor the food from your couch isn’t really that necessary.

This is also true because sous vide machines have a great track record of maintaining the desired heat temperature once that temperature is met.

I could see that being a necessary feature if sous vide machines weren’t so reliable; however, they are.

The sous vide machine prices will continue to fall until there is a new disruption within the marketplace.