Understanding Sous Vide Cooking and How the Machine Works

Understanding Sous Vide Cooking and How the Machine Works

Sous vide cooking machine, no matter how helpful and convenient it is for an individual, is still plagued with various misconceptions that drove away other potential buyers. Now, let us try to understand how the best sous vide machine really works in a bigger perspective. In that way, you will fully understand why health-conscious people, even health professionals, recommend sous vide cooking and investing in its machine if you can.

The top 4 Common Misconceptions

  1. Sous vide cooking requires me to buy an expensive sous vide vacuum sealer

While it is true that the term “sous vide” in French literally means “under vacuum”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to burn a hole in your pocket just to buy an expensive chamber-style vacuum sealer and try sous vide cooking. A sous vide cooking machine is just affordable like any other cooking equipment. Aside from that, its main goal is to cook the food at its precise temperature. Hence, it is placed inside a vacuum-sealed bag. All you need to master is the water displacement method to get rid of the air before you clip the sealed plastic into the pot and start cooking.

  1. Sous vide cooking equipment is pricey

As what we’ve mentioned above, sous vide machine is not pricey at all. If you search the market, you will find numerous affordable models that have been introduced into the market. While it’s true that some people invest in an immersion circulator or SousVide Supreme bath, most of it is for commercial purposes only.

An average-sized sous vide machine can serve your family enough serving for the day. Sous vide machine, no matter how  luxurious it may sound, is just a simple set-up of precision cooker, a pot, a digital thermometer, and some sealed plastic bags.

  1. Cooking food in plastic bags is not safe

What could be one of the most common misconceptions linked with sous vide cooking is that using sealed plastic bags pose a threat in the health of the consumer. However, you should know that the contamination occurs when handling the food and preparing it in the kitchen. That’s why most restaurants are very strict with their cook’s sanitization because food poisoning kills over 3,000 Americans every year. The foodborne illness that you are worried about is caused by unhygienic handling of food. Hence, cooking inside the plastic bag reduces the risks because no one touches the food until it’s served.

Aside from that, recent studies prove that food-grade high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, and low-density polyethylene are all safe to use in sous vide cooking. Hence, you can rest assured that food contamination cannot be acquired in using sous vide machine.

  1. Sous vide machine is complex to use

Sous vide machines are designed to work simply and accurately. In fact, you only need to follow three steps in order to cook your food. First, prepare the food inside the plastic bag. Second, clip it on the pot and modify the temperature and time settings. Lastly, wait until the timer goes off and you are ready to eat the food. It’s simple as that. Sous vide machine is simply attaching the pot to the precision cooker. Nothing more, nothing less.


Switching to sous vide cooking and using sous vide machine is highly recommended. Especially if you are health-conscious but barely have time to prepare the right meal, the sous vide machine is a wise choice. It widens your range of options and helps you to prepare healthy foods that you can eat every day. Regardless of how many time you repeat the process, you’ll achieve the same accurate results.